An Introduction to Men’s Earrings

Earrings, though mostly associated with women, are gaining popularity among men. Back in the day it was only men like Mr. T or George Michael sporting men’s stud earrings or hoop earrings. Now men’s earrings are becoming a daily part of everyone’s life.

Though the trend is starting to pick up, many men don’t know what to consider when purchasing a pair of earrings. Men are not aware of how, when and why they should wear the accessories. The perception of others can also be a concern. In this guide, we explore some of the most important aspects of the men’s earring world and clear up some things you’ve probably asked yourself and couldn’t find an answer.



The history of earrings dates back so long ago the actual inventor and intention are unknown. Earrings are even mentioned in the Old Testament. While it could have been anyone from the Persians to the Egyptians, one thing is sure, earrings used to have significant cultural meaning. Even today, earrings have profound meanings in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Laos.

Generally, each group of people who wore earrings gave them importance and signification. Though sometimes this was just an aesthetic one. Many times, aesthetic functions were strongly correlated to other functions these pieces of jewelry used to have.

Style How To

There are many styles of earrings on the market, each with its own heritage and background. While most men’s earrings are hoop or simple studs earrings, several men today wear other styles as well. This includes, but is not limited to, scaffold and snug earrings.

No longer are there stipulations on the type of earring to wear for certain occasions. Though some earrings for men may appear more elegant than others a specific event does not dictate the use. Colorful, playful or funky earrings tend to have a more casual vibe compared to gold, silver, or diamond earrings. It boils down to a person’s personal preference.

Since earrings are more likely to be associated with a feminine look, men can draw attention when wearing them with a formal outfit. We always say accessories should support outfits and not become the main focal point. Wearing earrings for men with a suit can draw attention away from you and your suit.

Generally, we advise men who want to wear earrings to keep it very simple. Of course, this does not mean bling is not okay. But the jewelry should still be as simple and as elegant as possible. Depending on the geographic location, earrings can have certain connotations.

Some men who wear earrings are compared to rebels. Others see earrings as a sign of cultural appreciation.

In terms of style, there are two types of earrings, pierced and non-pierced. While many men prefer to use traditional earrings, there are alternative options. These include magnetic, clip-on, or stick-on. These earrings allow the wearer to experiment with different styles easily and to transition from one look to another quickly. Traditional earrings do require a little more attention.

Also, you should always pick a style which compliments your face. Try not to choose a pair that replicates your features. For example, if you have a round face, don’t go for round earrings, try a pair of square ones, and vice-versa.



As a rule of thumb, men’s earrings are rarely appropriate in formal occasions. Generally, they work best at parties or as part of your daily look, especially if you are wearing them as a direct cultural reference. Wearing earrings in other environments than these might be distracting and not in a positive way.

Earrings are accessories just like any other piece of jewelry and should follow the same set of rules as your other accessories, meaning:

  • Your earrings size should be proportionate to your body size. Generally, earrings should be kept rather small, regardless of your size. However, note bigger men can wear bigger earrings, while thinner men should not wear oversized earrings.
  • The earrings you wear should complement the rest of your outfit. It is always crucial that your accessories compliment the clothes you’re wearing. The style should follow the theme of the outfit. For example, funky more colorful earrings can go with more playful clothing.
  • Gold and silver are neutrals, so they can be worn together


How many earrings?

This is hard question. Again, this is a personal preference. For bold and shiny earrings, one is usually enough. Two are already a demonstration of style (and, for some, power), while more than three is a cultural statement. Wearing more than one pair of earrings is generally associated with punks and other similar subcultures, regardless if you are wearing a suit or not, so you should always make sure to check your references.

Which ear?

At one time people thought wearing an earring in a certain ear had some type of symbolism. Today however, there is no such stigma. Simply wear your earring in whichever ear you prefer, or wear two.

Additional information

If you decide to wear an earring, regardless of whether it is a pierced or not, you should always buy it from a trusted retailer. Piercings should also be done by professionals and in clean environments to avoid complications. Check out for a good selection of stylish men’s earrings.


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